"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans says she's finally ready to regain custody of her oldest son, Jace Evans. The MTV mom recently announced that she's expecting her third child, this time, around with current boyfriend, David Eason. Now that Jenelle will have two of her three children at home with her, it only makes sense for her to want Jace back with her full time.

According to reports, Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans currently has custody of little Jace. Jenelle signed over custody of her oldest son to Barbara when he was a baby.

This was due to Jenelle's partying lifestyle and immaturity as a mother. Barbara has taken care of Jace, who lives with his grandmother, ever since.

Jenelle Evans wants her son back

When Jenelle and her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, welcomed son Kaiser, Jenelle then got all the experience she should have had as a first-time mother. Now Kaiser lives with her full time, and another baby is on the way. Jenelle claims she's ready to have Jace back in her home and wants all of her children together when baby number three arrives.

The "Teen Mom 2" star says that she and her mother have a court date in their custody hearing in October, and she hopes to have everything settled by then.

The Evans women will head to court in October

Evans claims that the reason her mom is dragging her feet on the custody issue is because she's too "attached" to Jace, whom she has basically raised as her own child since his birth.

Despite the messy custody battle between Jenelle and Barbara, Evans reveals that she is excited to welcome another baby to her family, and this time Jace and Kaiser are getting a little sister.

Getting ready for baby number three

Jenelle announced the big pregnancy news last week, and also revealed that she plans to name her daughter, who is due in January, Ensley Jolie Eason. Evans added that she's so excited to be decorating and shopping for little girl items, and says her daughter will likely be "spoiled."

Jenelle Evans pregnancy will likely be documented on the next season of "Teen Mom 2."

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