Once again "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham has suffered some major social media backlash after sharing a photo of her 7-year-old daughter Sophia wearing a bikini on Instagram.

Another bad moment for Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is certainly not in the running for any mother of the year awards after angering many of her Instagram followers with her latest photo share of her young daughter sporting a leopard-print bikini and striking what many describe as an inappropriate pose in order to promote the recent premiere of the new season of "Teen Mom OG."

Abraham was slammed several times, and her parenting skills criticized yet again for exploiting her young daughter for her own gain.

One commenter really let her have it pretty much just flat-out calling her an unfit mother. It is sad that Abraham is allowing her daughter to dress and behave as if she is a lot older than she really is.

'Teen Mom' star's questionable parenting slammed on social media

This is the second time in the past several days that Farrah has been in the hot seat when it comes to her questionable parenting methods. Last week Sophia's Snapchat account was de-activated after it was brought to attention that she was engaging strangers in conversation and asking them to text her.

Those who reported the activity stated that they were concerned for safety, not to mention Farrah was allowing her to break Snapchat rule policy with the account which states all members must be ages 13 and up.

Not everyone slammed Farrah though, some of her followers thought the photo of the second grader was cute and turned on the so-called haters claiming that Sophia is now old enough to choose her own clothes, and pose for photos anyway she wants.

Sadly, it appears that the "Teen Mom" is more interested in gaining attention than parenting.

Farrah or Kim, which one is more famous?

However, to be fair to Farrah Abraham, Kim Kardashian also recently shared photos of her daughter North West wearing a bikini matching hers while on vacation in Mexico without getting the same scuff as Farrah. It has been said before, and will be said again most likely several more times in the future that both reality/sex tape stars Kim and Farrah are both guilty of grooming their mini-me daughters for the next generation ascarbon copies of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and "Teen Mom." What happened to the days where a kid could just be a kid?

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