"Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham is at it again! This time, the Reality TV star directed her snarky social media remarks towards none other than Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy.

Farrah Abraham claims daughter Sophia would have blown Beyonce's Blue Ivy away on the Red Carpet

It appears that Abraham had herself a little case of VMA envy going on and this time she took it a bit too far and Beyonce fans are not having it! Farrah Abraham took it upon herself to post a photo of Beyonce and Blue Ivy on her Instagram claiming that her daughter Sophia, 7, would have blown "Blue away" had she been at the VMAs.

Beyonce's loyal fans, better known as the beyhive clapped back at Farrah and began posting bee emojis all over Farrah's latest Instagram photos. Well, the beyhive attack must have caught Farrah by surprise making her think twice about posting her envious digs at Beyonce's baby girl because she went directly to Radar Online stating that there must have been some confusion about her post.

"Teen Mom OG" star slammed by Beyonce fans!

Abrahams backtracked stating that she loved seeing Beyonce and Blue Ivy on the Red Carpet but wished she had been permitted to bring her daughter along also seeing that she is a star on the network (her words.) Farrah also stated as far as she and Sophia are concerned there is no hate from them for Beyonce or Blue Ivy.

When is Farrah Abraham going to learn that a reality series and a sex tape does not make a true celebrity unless you are Kim Kardashian that is. Looks as if Farrah better go back to directing her social media swings back to Kim K. because Beyonce fans don't play. This just seems to be another Farrah move to draw some form of attention to herself and her daughter. Last week Abraham and her daughter made media news after Sophia was booted off Snapchat after some concerned members lodged complaints claiming they were worried about her activity on the social media website.

A few days later Farrah once again caught flack after posting a photo of Sophia wearing a bikini and posing in what many called an inappropriate pose in order to promote the upcoming season of "Teen Mom OG."

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