The stars of Teen Mom 2 make a salary that most people can only dream about. With the amount of money they've been paid for their gig on the MTV reality show, you can understand why they've made some luxurious purchases and one has been able to pop down to Miami for a Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck at such a young age.

Peeved ex spills the beans

Any of the cast talking about what they make for a salary is against their contract with MTV, but one of the original men on the show, who is not only peeved at his ex Teen Mom 2 star, but at the entire reality show all together, has spilled the money beans.

Adam Lind knew what he was about to say could get him into hot water, but he said, "F**k MTV, f**k Teen Mom," because he wants as far away from what he calls a "fake" show as possible.

Lind says he doesn't care any more about the money he rakes in from Teen Mom 2, he really sounds like a man who is fed up and a guy who wants out. According to Top Rated Viral, they checked into what Lind disclosed as the amount of money he makes and the amount of money his ex, Chelsea Houska makes and it appears factual.

Big bucks for young girls

While the men don't make as much money as the women on the show, Lind does because he was on the show from the beginning. He said that he makes as much as Chelsea and she makes about $250,000 per Teen Mom 2season. The way he put it was "Last year was 250K for lil princess." He also said that for future seasons, she will get about $300,000. That's a lot of money!

Reports from a few years back have the Teen Mom 2 stars making about $100,000 per season each, but since that time the show's popularity has rocketed.

There are plenty of reports recently claiming the stars were holding out signing contracts because they wanted more money. The Hollywood Gossip reports that MTV shot extra episodes calling them extensions of the last season because the stars were still negotiating their contracts when it was time to start filming the next season. It appears that no matter how these girls may appear, they are certainly smart enough when it comes to the all-mighty dollar!

Another cast memberheard from

Janelle Evans, who is another Teen Mom 2 star recently had an interview with the disc jockies at107.5 KZL and her salary from the show came up. She did tell them that she can't give out the information on how much she makes because it goes against a clause in her MTV contract. Then she was asked if it was around the million dollar mark that she's raked in from the show so far. She said no, but suggested that she's made a little bit more than half of that for her time on the show so far, reports MStars News.

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