Behind every Teen Mom 2star there was once a teendadand as all these young adults got older some of the dads were replaced with a new love interest by the women of this reality show. While some of these guys might be nothing more than an old hat to the Teen Mom 2 ladies, their popularity hasn't waned when it comes to many of the fans. It appears it is for that reason that both Adam Lind and Jeremy Calvertare basically stuck filming the new 7B season. They can't cut loose from their contract obligations despite both men expressing how they want nothing to do with the reality show anymore.

Ex means drama

Much of the popularity of these two has to do with drama and MTV wouldn't have hit a show without all the perils of breakups, cheating and pregnancies along with the other real-life scenarios. The Teen Mom 2 cast and their problems make this a must-see real-life soap opera for the masses of young viewers who not only watch the show but follow the starson the social media sites and in the headlines.

Not a fan of 'Teen Mom 2'

Both Lind and Calvert have voiced their disdain for the reality show and Lind even spilled the beans on the salary that his ex Chelsea Houska brings home.

At the time he said he knew divulging this info was against hiscontract, but hesaid he didn't care. He also said that he knew he would be getting that dreaded phone call from the MTV powers-who-be giving him some angst over telling the public Chelsea made $250,000 per season. Still... he didn't care... that is how fed-up with Teen Mom 2 Lind is.

Puts a kink in new love life?

Both Lind and Calvert have moved on with their love life.

Lind is engaged and he is planning a wedding sooner rather than later. Calvert is described by TheInquisitr as one of themore "normal" dads on the Teen Mom 2 show and he too wants off the reality circus. His idea of happiness is moving on with his new girlfriend and daughter to a more normal life without cameras following him and his family.

Say good-bye to the money?

For these two young mento be willing to leave a nice salary behind just to get out of filming this show speaks to just how unbearable thisgigmust be forboth of them!

Looking at it from Lindand Calvert's new girlfriends' perspective, this has to be a bit taxing on their relationships. No one wants to watch their boyfriend go to work everyday alongside their ex. Then to add insult to injury, their interaction is filmed for the whole world to see. This can't be the best way to start off a new relationship, although some might argue that they knew what they were getting into when they started dating Calvert and Lind!

Both men have to finish out their contract for season 7 then they are home free. It will be interesting to see if they do by chance sign up for another season, which would be season 8.

That is only if the show is renewed once again, but it is so popular it appears that it is not in danger of being axed anytime soon. Will they be able to still say "no" with the big bucks dangling over them like a carrot enticing a rabbit? There's always a chance that their threats of leaving are nothing more than a ploy when it comes to their contract negotiationsfor both Lind and Calvert. It wouldn't be the first time someone threatened to quit a show with the hopes of more money being offered to have them stay!

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