Teen Mom 2 is heating up when it comes to Kailyn Lowry andJavi Marroquin,as he returns from his deployment in Qatar without Kailyn and the kids at the airport to greet him up. It was also learned that he would be staying with a friend, but that "friend" was not named.

Are things not peachy?

This leaves some fans questioning whether or not the rumors of Peach having a part in the couple going for a divorce are more based in reality than first thought. Could it be Peachthat he is staying with? The excuse for the lack of an airport family reunion is that Javi's plane got it too late to get the kids up and Javi wasn't expecting them there anyway.

Putting up his tent elsewhere

The Inquisitrreports that Marroquin coming home after 9-months away from the kids and not staying with his family is confusing to fans of the Teen Mom 2reality show.This is especially odd because of the rumored involvement of Marroquin and Peach. It seems the rumors about Javi and Peach being involved are not the only rumors on a new relationship when it comes to this couple.

Are both Kailyn and Javi involved with others?

Kailyn is serious about the demise of her marriage to Javi and apparently it was decided that he would not come back to their family home, but instead move into an apartment.

Still there should be some information about this marriage breakup to help clarify all this in the new season of theTeen Mom 2show, which is filming right now.

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling that Kailyn is in a "same-sex relationship" with Beck Hayter, who is Kailyn's good friend. Despite denying those rumors, they say a picture is worth a thousand words and recent pictures have cast a shadow of doubt over her denial.

The encrypted tweet making rounds

It seems Javi wasn't home too long when a tweet he posted came down fairly quickly.

While it is no longer on his Twitter page, you know the deal, once online... always online. Someone took a screen shot of it and now it is being referred to as Javi's "encrypted message." Was this aimed at Kailyn? Many thought it was. The message said, "Man I love having a recorder on my phone [...] have fun with that!"

There are two camps on this tweet, one thinks he is referring to Kailyn secretly recording him and the others think that Javi is just having fun regarding something that has to do with his kids.

Whatever it meant, the tweet came down and there has to be a reason behind that even if that reason is something as mundane as a spelling error!

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