Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is a proud mom of three little girls and while all three give her great pride, it's Ali's recent triumph that she is sharing with her fans today. Ali, who was diagnosed years back with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, took to the water this summer and was determined to master the art of swimming.

Proud mom of Ali.

The very proud Team Mom 2 star made a video of her daughter in the pool which highlights the determination of this young girl who is living life to the fullest.

The heartwarming video may put some grown adults who give up on things too easily right to shame!

Determination as a family trait?

It appears Ali is one of those kids that won't let her disability stop her, but that mindset came from somewhere. A lot of her determination has to do with her mom and how Leah has raised her so far. The first clip Leah posted shows Ali learning to swim and the second clip highlights Ali not wanting to stop swimming once she's learned!

Leah draws inspiration from Ali.

The Teen Mom 2 mother of three posted the video, which she watches daily because it gives her so much inspiration.

It seems Ali is one daughter. who really knows how to make a mother proud! Under the hashtag #MDWONTSTOPHER, Leah writes how she finds Ali's determination "empowering."

Below is a video where Leah talks with her daughter about the rare disorder she has. It is very clear that Leah doesn't ignore any aspect of what Ali is going through and although she is very young, the Teen Mom 2 star makes sure her daughter understands all she's up against.

The truth be told...

Leah explains on her Instagram post that while Ali may have a hard time walking, once she gets in the water, she can really kick, which is not only fun for her daughter, but great therapy for her muscles. The little girl has a lot on her plate, but you would never know this by her attitude.

New season underway.

Apparently Leah and her girls have more summer fun planned as she also shared how she drove across country with her three young daughters all by herself.

They are on the way to their second home she wrote to her fans. This is where Leah and her co-stars are currently filming the MTV show Teen Mom 2 for the next season!

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