Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is not at all happy with her ex-friend Peach and she let that be known this week on Twitter. It seems the rumors of Peach spending a bit too much time with Javi Marroquin are looking more and more based in reality because she is somehow becoming an expert, or so she thinks, on his marriage demise. With that said... let the Twitter war begin!

Double whammy for 'Teen Mom 2' star

You have to feel for this Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn. Probably one of the worst things a friend can dois chum up to your ex, especially while the wounds are still openand raw.Despite the fact that Kailyn and Javi are in the middle of a divorce, this shouldn'tmake your estranged husband easy pickings for your friends.

You would think friends would be there to support you during this time instead of making a play for your ex, which is what it sounds like Peach is doing.

Kailyn took to Twitter to tell her to stop. Christina "Peach" Pietrobon has been posting tweets about Kailyn and her marriage. Kailyn posts:

Peach followed up with a tweet right back at her ex-friend basically saying not to condemn her for doing something that she is doing. With that she throws a tweet up of Kailyn's that Peach believed was a jab at her a while back, reported on Enstarz.

Fans get protective of Kailyn

Kailyn bites back and said that all she said was that Peach knew Javi back in high school and then the flood gates open with Teen Mom 2 fans jumping on Twitter to give Peach a piece of their mind. The majority of tweets told this fair-weather friend to stay out of their marriage.

Some mentioned there are kids involved so it is not fair game!

Did Peach have a hand in this divorce?

There were rumors going around that Peach had her hand in ending this Teen Mom 2 marriage of Kailyn and Javiand those rumors are looking a little more solid today. While Kailyn pursued this divorce when Javi was still away on deployment with the military, she is still hurting over this and Peach's innuendos on social media are not helping.

A week or so ago Kailyn posted what people were calling "cryptic tweets" because from the tone of them she was angry and hurt, but she never gave up the info on who they were aimed at. These tweets seemed to offer evidence that this Teen Mom 2 star was hurting.

Kailyn is in a tough place today

Most folks thought it was Javi she was tweeting about in those cryptic tweets because she felt betrayed by someone she loved, or at least this is the way her tweets made it sound. While Kailyn appears much more grounded in her social media postings today, at the time she was going in the "cryptic tweet" direction, her friends were starting to worry!

It is tough enough going through a divorce, then add little children into the mix and top it off with a friend who is betraying your friendship and pursuing your ex... that's not a fun place to be!

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