Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is a celebrity and sometimes fans get so caught up in the plot on thereality TV show that they seem to forget she's playing out some of her real life. Recent cryptic tweets posted by Kailyn, which are a bit bizarre in nature, have caused some concerns among her friends. Her recent split from Javi Marroquin has been front and center in the headlines, especially since he is now home from his military deployment. The recent rumors suggest that she's done a complete turnaround in lifestyle changes with her friend Becky Hayter, but just how much of that is true?

Kailyn and Becky more than friends?

Once landing on home soil Kailyn and the kids did not meet Javi at the airport, which many thought would happen so he could see the kids once he got off the plane. Once back in his hometown, he moved out of the house, so it's official these two are no longer a couple. Then Kailyn seemed to allude to having a thing with her best friend Becky Hayter. According toThe Hollywood Gossip, the Teen Mom 2 star pretty much led fans to think that she was in a relationship with Hayter.

Cryptic tweets disturbing

Kailyn has since come out to say that they are just friends. Now these recent tweets are a bit disturbing. She talks about not letting anyone "bring her out of character again." Is she talking about Javi, who she once thought changed her "character?" She also said that "no matter what kind of sh*t I am dealing with, I am a mother first." This sounds as if she may be trying to keep her priorities straight.

Not positive tweets

The one line tweets from the Teen Mom 2 star aren't positive in nature, in fact one might suggest she is beating herself up, which seems evident in these tweets. She talks about she "did it before" so she can "do it again." Is Kailyn finding life as a single mother hard and this is what she needs to tell herself to get over what ever it is she's feeling right now?What kind of "sh*t" is she dealing with?

The Hollywood Gossip suggests that these tweets might have something to do with her ex, Javi.It appears that the Teen Mom 2 star may be having a tough time right now.

Should her friends and family be worried?

She is alone with her kids, her husband has moved on, which has to be tough no matter who you are. Even though she is a reality star, which many think is a glamorous gig, she can be feeling the brunt of the changes in her life, which may be making her unhappy right now. She certainly doesn't sound happy in her recent tweets.As the day went on Wednesday she tweeted that at 6 pm, she still hadn't eaten yet today.

She alsotweets "What you don't know can't hurt you," followed by another tweet that said "Wish I never knew." This young lady is sounding sad, very sad and it sounds like she was told something that hurt her and now she wishes she could go back to not knowing. She doesn't reveal what that is.

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