Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry can say that all is well as she gazes from afar while her ex, Javi Marroquin, moves on with another girl, but there has to be a pang of hurt somewhere in there. Since Javi and his new girlfriend were captured in a picture demonstrating what some are calling "major PDA," Kailyn's come out with a few quips of her own sounding a bit tough on the surface, but what feelings does the Teen Mom 2 star hide beneath?

Not naming names?

Like many estranged couples waiting for the big day of divorce, this Teen Mom 2 couple poke at each other via social media. Kailyn seems to have mastered conveying some really harsh things without actually naming names.

Last week she had a string of cryptic messages posted on Twitter, which seemed to suggest that a man in her life cheated on her. Again, no names or details were offered, she gave up just enough information to keep people guessing.

Puts on a good face

Who is this cheater? The first person to come to mind for her fans was of course Javi, but now that she's honed in on that keep-them-guessing tactic, it is hard to tell. According to In Touch Weekly, a source close to Kailyn is saying that the Teen Mom 2 star has absolutely no feelings about Javi at all, which many may find hard to believe. As far as him dating, she wishes him nothing but happiness and she supports his dating "100 percent."

'Calm before the storm'?

That report seems to clash with what Kailyn's tweets have to say.

Again without naming names, she posts "F**kboy magnet." Then the topper of them all... "They always cheat with unattractive females," writes Kailyn. So who is the Kailyncalling ugly? Is this a jab at Javi's new girlfriend? The consensus online is that Kailyn is "confirming Marroquin cheated on her," according to The Hollywood Gossip.

"The calm before the storm" is what Kailyn most recently tweeted, so apparently there's something big rattling in a cage somewhere just itching to get out!

Mirroring Demi Moore?

With all her cryptic messages out of the way, it seems that it's time to decipher what Kailyn's recent selfies posted on Instagram are attempting to say.

She's gone from the odd and confusing messages to now posting photos of herself online and she is looking good! Is she showing Javi what he is missing?The full-body selfies that Kailyn has posted resembles a Demi-Moore-like move back when she split from her famous husband Ashton Kutcher. Demi was often seen in a bikini in her selfies, but Kailyn is showing off her shapely physic in form-fitting clothes.

This seems to suggest the Teen Mom 2 star is waking up with more confidence today, suggests The Hollywood Gossip. It appears that Kailyn is doing nothing more than showing she is like any other woman who is going through a split with someone they once loved. She is saying it doesn't bother her to see Javi move on, but her actions don't seem to coincide with what she is saying.

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