Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and her soon to be ex-husband Javi Marroquinare in a real-life story that plays out like a soap opera. It is one thing after another with these two, now that Javi is backon his home turf. He is not keeping the fact that he's peeved over Kailyn's actions to himself just a week after his homecoming. Kailyn announced she was divorcing Javi while he was on deployment away from home with the Air Force, but since he's returned he is not happy with what he sees.

Dueling books

This youngTeen Mom 2estranged couple now have dueling books in the process of being published. Kailyn's book is due out this November, which is titled "Hustle and Heart." Apparently Javi saw a rough draft of her penned tell-all and he's not happy with what she's reporting, so he decided to set the facts straight and write his own book. That book's title has not been revealed and its release date is still not known.

Why the split?

As far as the reason behind the two splitting up, this has never been officially revealed by either one of the two Teen Mom 2 stars.

Rumors of infidelity on both parts have bubbled up, but nothing has been deemed factual at this point. Javi talked about the two books in a recent interview and he said his will be different than Kailyn's because he is going to tell the truth in the book about what split them up.

Smoke screen

Despite the nice tweets of Javi's return and seeing him, his son and stepsonreuniting in pictures posted byKailyn last week, it seems the relationship has taken an abrupt about face!

The split was looking quite friendly and amicable at first, but that seems to have changed. Javi said that he knew Kailyn's plastic surgery would change her and now he knows he was right. It doesn't sound as if he meant the physical changes, but the change in her attitude when making that statement.

While Javi was away, Kailyn trotted on down to Miami for a Brazilian buttlift, a tummy tuck and liposuction.

That was in January, but then come May she announced she was filing for a divorce. Javi said when he left for his deployment Kailynwas one person, but upon his return she was someone else. He believes her change is a result of all that plastic surgery, reports the Daily Mail.

A kiss is just a kiss?

Kailyn shared a picture on social media that is now billed by some headlines as a "lesbian kiss."The picture shows Kailyn locking lips with her best friend Becky Hater. As far as Javi is concerned, that was a "dumb" move on her part. He doesn't feel it has any reflection on him at all, so he doesn't really care about it, saying "Not my image, it's hers."

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