Once you become a Teen Mom 2star it seems that you are fair game for ridicule and no one knows that better than Leah Messer's exJeremy Calvertthese days. Calvert is known as a guy who stays on a pretty even keel when it comes to his temperament. That is until his new girlfriend was bashed in a recent article over the weekend. This put the Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy in a rage and he turned that into a rather disgusting rant which shot across the social media sites.

Jeremy blasts back

Calvert was in verbal battle mode once reading what the article from the website MTVTeenMomBlast.com had to say about his new girlfriend.

He was defending his girlfriend after the post tried making Brooke Wehr out to be something that she's not, according to Calvert. The article made Brooke out to be very jealous of Jeremy's ex, Leah Messer. Claims were made that Brooke was insecure and that she actually writes quips making herself look good and she posts them to Jeremy's social media cites.Allegations were made that she makes it look as though Jeremy wrote these nice things about her, when it was Brooke all along, reports The Hollywood Gossip.

This made Jeremy furious and he denies these claims in that rant posted on his Instagram page.

Male stars having rough time?

Jeremy is just one of the latest male stars of this show to harshly vent about how the show has ruined their life. He is getting engaged to Brooke and this has put him over the edge because he loves her and he's tired of all this bull posted online. Jeremy denies that Brooke ever had him post anything about her, as the article suggests, and he said it is just the opposite.

Brooke would rather not have anything about her put online because of the backlash that comes their way each time they do.

Graphic blasting of show

Calvertdenied the allegations and blasted the article, but it wasn't said in calm and polite words. His post was rather graphic and laced with foul language. Some of the things he posted were rather disgusting as he let his thoughts about the Teen Mom 2 show and the fans be known.

He calls the article things like a "f**king ignorant article" and promises the website who posted it that he is going to "shove it so far up ur a** ur choke on it." This was one of the more milder sentences he posted on his Instagram page.

Another one jumping ship

He has had it with the reality show and it looks like there's a line forming of Teen Mom 2 male stars who feel their fame from the show is more of a curse than anything else. Adam Lind has also had it with the showand he's also saying he doesn't care about the money and fame, he just wants away from anything having to do with Teen Mom 2, including his ex, Chelsea Houska.

These men have kids with the stars of the show, so they'll never completely be out of their lives, but they can refuse the money and get off the show when their contracts are done.

Most of the men make less than the women on the show, except for Adam Lind, who has been on Teen Mom 2 since the beginning of the reality show series. He is making just about what his ex, Chelsea is making, which he claims is $250,000 per season and $300,000 per season for future episodes. That kind of money is hard to walk away from in your early 20s!

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