Jenelle Evans and David Eason walked the red carpet at the VMAs, posing for pictures showing her pregnancy. This is the first public appearance for the two since announcing they are expecting a girl in January. According to Inquisitr, the happy couple had been posting on social media all weekend as they had prepared for the big event.

Who walked the red carpet together?

Jenelle walked the red carpet with Teen Mom stars Kailyn Lowry and Farrah Abraham. When they went to enter the event things went wrong. While Jenelle did have a ticket to enter, the accompanying ticket was in the name of her mother who had attended last year.

Jenelle had not made the arrangements in advance to get David a ticket and he was denied entry to the function.

To make the situation even more strange,Jenelle now denies they were turned away at the door. She had a valid ticket and could have entered but David did not. She made the decision to leave with David rather than go in without him but all reports say that David was denied entry.

Jenelle is pregnant with her third child and still in a custody battle with her mother for her oldest son Jace. It seems that theTeen Mom starwould be focusing on getting her life stable in preparation for the new addition to her family. It appears that is not the case, however.

Possibly time for a reality check for this reality TV star?

She has had several problems with the Teen Mom franchise over the years, having gotten her start on 16 and Pregnant. There has been talk of suing someone over a contract. When David was denied access into the VMAs she reportedly flipped her middle finger and it was caught in a picture.

She denies that it was aimed at MTV. This probably won't be the last we hear about this situation.

Could it be that Jenelle and some of the other Teen Mom stars don't have a grasp on the reality of being a single parent? Working hard to scrape together the rent and keep food on the table? Having been on television for so long and having enough money to support lavish lifestyles may have skewed the lines of reality and how good they have it...if they just follow the rules.

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