While Leah Messer and her Teen Mom 2 reality television co-stars are preparing for a new season on MTV, daughter Ali has the best time ever. Messer shared a video of Ali in the swimming pool two days ago, and the video has already received more than 115,000 views. Watching Leah's little girl swimming and having a great time in the water is emotional, moving, and inspiring to Teen Mom 2 fans because years ago, Leah Messer’s daughter was diagnosed with an unusual form of muscular dystrophy.

The curse of being a reality TV star.

As People reported, Leah Messer, like her daughter Ali, is enjoying time at the swimming pool this summer.

However, when mom Leah posted a photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram, fans and critics of reality television shows reacted with shock to the teen mom’s skinny frame. Messer’s Instagram followers raised questions as to how it was possible that the mom of 6-year-old twin girls Aliannah and Aleeah and 3-year-old Adalynn looked so skinny. In a statement to Refinery29, Messer doesn’t address fans’ concerns about anorexia or drugs but said that women, even reality television stars, should not be judged by what they look like but what they do.

A teen mother’s pride.

Comparing photos of Leah Messer from last summer to this summer, concerns about a possible relapse into drugs are certainly justified.

However, no matter what personal struggles Leah might be facing at the age of 24, she is providing a wonderful summer time to her three girls. Over the past weekend, the Teen Mom 2 star spent some family quality time in the pool, and the photos and videos of the reality television star’s daughter Ali touched the hearts of fans in many different ways.

Fans react to Ali swimming.

Watching the video of Leah’s little girl Ali swimming in the pool is a reminder of how children with any kind of disability are in their element when it comes to being in the water.

While teen mom Messer can be heard in the video encouraging and being proud of her daughter, Ali does not seem to show any kind of disability. She is clearly in her element. In contrast to fans’ criticism of Leah’s weight, this time, Instagram followers completely agree with the teen mom. From inspiring to awesome to cute to precious to adorable, Leah’s Instagram follower are at no loss of words. “This made me cry, so beautiful,” writes one Instagram follower. Another fan gives Teen Mom 2 reality television star Leah Messer the valuable advice of adding therapeutic horseback riding to Ali’s exercise in order to improve her muscle strength.

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