Leah Messer is currently in Southern California with her kids. Followingrumors of a potential new boyfriend in her life, the Teen Mom 2 star traveled to California's Great Wolf Lounge, where she and her kids, twins Ali and Aleeah and her youngest daughter Adalynn, are enjoying a fun vacation amid filming on the new season of Teen Mom 2.

"A bond that will never be broke! A mother & her daughters! #AAA #TrueLove #Summer2016 #GWLSoCal," Leah Messer captioned her latest photo, which featuredthe reality star and her three daughters.

Leah Messer may have a new man in her life

Last week, ahead of her trip to the west coast, the reality star shared a photo of herself and amystery man on her Instagram page.

In the photo, Messer was seen smiling beside a man named Scotty, who had a facial piercing.While Messer didn't say who the man was, her decision to quickly delete the photo seemed to hint that he may be a new boyfriend. As The Hollywood Gossip reported days ago, Messer has been known to hide her relationships, so it wouldn't be surprising to hear that she had changed her mind about her possible boyfriend reveal.

Leah Messer's last relationship was with her trainer and kept off 'Teen Mom 2'

After going through her second divorce in early 2015, Leah Messer began dating her personal trainer, Theodore "T.R." Dues, but didn't admit to the relationship until months ago. Although Messer's daughter informed her first husband, Corey Simms, that her "friend" was living with them and sleeping at their home, Messer continued to deny the relationship throughout the sixth season of the show and during season seven, her relationship was still not seen.

Messer and Dues were believed to be together up until just a few months ago. That said, they could have split at any time judging by the secretivenature of their relationship.

Leah Messer and her family, including her three daughters, have been filming scenes for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 for the past several weeks.

However, at this point, no premiere date has been released.

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