Kailyn Lowry's husband, Javi Marroquin, returned home from his deployment last night, but sadly, the Teen Mom 2 star was not present. According to a new report, Marroquin was snubbed by his soon-to-be ex-wife, who failed to pick him up from the airport.

On August 1, Radar Online shared several photos of Marroquin at the airport in Delaware, where he was joined by several of his close friends and members of his family -- who were all wearing "Welcome HomeMarroquin" T-shirts to show their support.

According to the report, Marroquin and his group posed for photos before grabbing somethingto eat together.

"So much love," read a caption of one of the airport photos. Along with another, Marroquin wrote, "They missed me."

Kailyn Lowry didn't want to wake her children

Instead of meeting Marroquin at the airport, Kailyn Lowry stayed at home with her two kids. Along with Marroquin, Lowry is momto 2-year-old Lincoln, and also has another son, 6-year-old Isaac, from her previous relationship with Jo Rivera.

"Heflew into an airport an hour away from the house late at night," a source close to Lowry told Radar.

"She knew the kids would be grumpy if they were woken up in the car and she wanted them to be super excited to see Javi and not in a bad mood from being tired."

Javi Marroquin's friends aren't fans of Kailyn Lowry

In addition to Kailyn Lowry's concerns for her children, the source claimed Marroquin's friends wouldn't have been too keen on the reality star coming along to pick up her former partner.

"Javi's friends had already planned to pick him up and his friends don't like Kail," the source explained.

Since Marroquin left for Qatar, Lowry has had a falling out with the couple's previously mutual friend, Christina, who was one of the many friends of Marroquin who greeted him at the airport.

As for Marroquin's family, it is hard to say whether or not they are on good terms with Lowry now that she wants a divorce.

Kailyn Lowry and her family are currently filming scenes for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

However, when it comes to a premiere date, MTV has yet to announce when the series will return.

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