Jeremy Calvert wants the world to know that his soon-to-be-wife, Brooke Wehr, is not forcing him to share sweet posts about her on Instagram, nor is she jealous of his first wife, Leah Messer, the mother of his daughter, 3-year-old Adalynn. Following a report from Teen Mom Blast, in which a number of allegations were made against Wehr, Calvert spoke out.

"Brooke has never ever ever ever made me post anything in regards to her and quite frankly she gets upset withthe stuffI do post of her," Calvert wrote, according to a report by Starcasm on Sunday.

Jeremy Calvert is often seen gushing over his girlfriend on Instagram

When he first started dating Wehr last year, Jeremy Calvert kept their romance quiet, but nowadays, he can't seem to stop gushing over her on Instagram. Often, the reality star and dad posts photos of Wehr by herself and tells his fans how much he loves her. He also shares photos of the two of them together, and Wehr does the same.

Jeremy Calvert regrets signing on to appear on 'Teen Mom 2'

As for allegations of Wehr being jealous of Messer, Calvert told fans she was "far from insecure over my ex" following the report andalso ranted about his dislike of Teen Mom 2. "I don’t need Teen Mom in my life," he explained.Calvert went on to reveal he was doing fine before he joined Teen Mom 2 years ago while dating Messer, whom he married in 2012, and told fans he wished he never agreed to film.

He also said that the money wasn't that great, despite reports claiming many of the girls live lavish lifestyles due to their high salaries.

Jeremy Calvert's relationship with his ex-wife is currently unknown

Jeremy Calvert seemed to be on good terms with Messer during the earlier part of theTeen Mom 2 season seven but by the end of the year, Messer had slammed Calvert for his lack of involvement with their daughter.

Weeks later, during the reunion, Messer claimed to Dr. Drew Pinsky that she was struggling to get him involved after he moved to Ohio to be with his girlfriend Wehr.

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