Is Jeremy Calvert preparing for marriage? Following his June 2015 divorce from first wife Leah Messer, the reality star and father of one is believed to be on the verge of a proposal -- if he hasn't already asked girlfriend Brooke Wehr to marry him.Last week on Instagram, Calvert revealed he and Wehr were headed for a romantic vacation together later this month. At the same time, Calvert dropped a major clue about his potential future proposal, claiming he was going to "put a ring on it."

While Jeremy Calvert has yet to officially confirm the news of his possible engagement to Wehr, or his plans for aproposal, his Instagram page is dropping major clues that his engagement could take place next week."Nice cold bud light to the end of another week.

One more week fml," Jeremy Calvert wrote on Instagram on August 7 along with a photo of himself holding a beer.

Jeremy Calvert began dating Brooke Wehr after his divorce

Once he officially parted ways with Messer, the mother of his 3-year-old daughter, Adalynn, Calvert began dating Wehr, who also has a daughter of her own. During the recently aired 7th season of Teen Mom 2, Calvert was seen at odds with Messer, who suggested he was more concerned with Wehr's daughter than his own. She also accused him of changing after he and Wehr moved in together earlier this year.

Jeremy Calvert is open with his relationship on social media, but not on 'Teen Mom 2'

While Calvert and Wehr appearedtogetheron Teen Mom 2 season seven, they were only seen during one episode and one deleted scene and didn't reveal much about their relationship.

Instead, they spoke about Calvert and his co-parenting relationship with Messer, which he seemed to believe was going well at the time.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Jeremy Calvert and his girlfriend frequently speak about their love for one another and post photos of each other on their pages. Most recently, Calvert shared a picture of Wehr with the caption, "This beautiful, amazing woman has stole my heart.

I love her you so so much baby doll, 2 more weeks and I damn sure can't wait."

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