Jenelle Evans from "Teen Mom 2" has had a tumultuous relationship with Nathan Griffith. In an interview with "ET", she said that she actually returned the ring two weeks ago.

The couple got engaged in January. They havea one-year-old son together named Kaiser. Each has a child from a previous relationship as well. Jenelle's older son Jace just turned six years old. His father, Andrew Lewis, has been on some of the past episodes of "Teen Mom 2".Nathan's daughter is named Emery.

What lead to the breakup?

According to Jenelle, Nathan started a fight with her over not being able to go out one night. He instructed her to get a sitter for Kaiser. Her response was to break off the engagement.

The couple has a history of breakup and makeup. In March Nathan was in trouble for domestic violence, leading to a breakup. Then in May the police were called for another domestic violence situation between that two while they were againbroken up. That ended with "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle in custody for a domestic violence charge.

By June the couple had reunited, and the wedding plans were back on.

Just last week Jenelle tweeted a pic with Nathan in it. The picture was taken at her graduation fromMiller-Motte Technical College. The caption said, "Thanks to my family for being here as my biggest support system and able to push me through it!!!".

How is Jenelle handling the breakup?

In an interview with "ET," Jenelle said, "I'm enjoying being a mom.

I just celebrated my first son's 6th birthday this weekend, and it went fantastic. I am not looking to date anyone at the moment. I am focusing on myself." Through the Instagram photos we know that Nathan was not there for the zombie-themedbirthday celebration she referred to.

After the interview, however, she tweeted a screenshot of a text between her and a friend in which she said she was "just a little depressed." Her friend gave her the great advice of Nemo to "just keep swimming swimming swimming".

Her friends are making sure she gets dressed up and goes out for an evening of fun. "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle is keeping us all posted with her tweets.

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