Jenelle Evans may not be suing MTV after all. Following the release of several text messages, in which the Teen Mom 2 star appeared to suggest that she was considering taking legal action against the network, Evans released a new tweet, claiming her comments were in regard to a different show.

"Lmfao here we go again.. This was about a different show I'm appearing on... Nothing to do with MTV," Evans wrote in response to an article shared by Real Mr. Housewife in which she was seen communicating about the potential lawsuit.

Although Evans shared the screenshots of her chat with an unnamed person on Twitter, she claims the outlet didn't get her story correct. She didn't, however, reveal what channel she was talking about, nor did she release any further details about the issue.

While Jenelle Evans claims she is not planning to sue the network, many of her fans and followers on Twitter aren't buying her statements. According to some, Evans had been posting hateful messages towards the network just prior to the release of her text messages, which may have been a sign that MTV was the target of her legal considerations.

Jenelle Evans is starring on a new show?

In the text messages shared, Jenelle Evans responds to someone who says they'd like to "sue that [channel] on your behalf," by saying, "Ok yeah I'll show u the contract when I see u." Later, the reality star deleted the message from her account, which she is known to do.

As for the "different show" Evans claims to be appearing on, not much is known. In fact, other than Evans' proclamationof being involved in the project, there is no evidence available currently that proves she will be starring on a new show.

While Jenelle Evans' latest project seems to be up in the air, the mother of three continues to appear on Teen Mom 2, despite her ongoing complains that the network has portrayed her incorrectly, and at the moment, she is in production on the upcoming season of the show along with her mother, Barbara, and boyfriend, David Eason.

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