Javi Marroquin and his wife, Kailyn Lowry, have come to a custody agreement for their son, 2-year-old Lincoln. As the Teen Mom 2 stars prepare for their divorce proceedings, Marroquin has spoken out about the time he will be spending with his only child.

“Me and Kail agreed to 50/50 with Lincoln,” Marroquintold Radar Online on August 9.“So every other week I get him.”

Javi Marroquin is also close to Kailyn Lowry's oldest son

In addition to being close to his son, Lincoln, Javi Marroquin is determined to remain active in the life of his step-son, 6-year-old Isaac. Isaac is the son of Lowry and her former boyfriend, Jo Rivera, and has been close to Marroquin for the past several years due to his relationship with Lowry.

“Seeing the boys was great,” Marroquintold Radar Online of returning home, explaining that his son and step-son are the reason he continues to work in the Air Force.

Javi Marroquin was deployed in early 2016

Several weeks after his wife suffered a tragic miscarriage, Marroquin was forced to leave the country as part of his commitment with the Air Force. Following the loss, Marroquin's marriage was crumbling, but unfortunately, he could not tend to his relationship and left for Qatar earlier this year and returned to Delawaremonths later.

Javi Marroquin is living single

While Marroquin's return home was certainly exciting as he quickly reunited with his friends and family, he admits to move from the home he shared with Lowry has been “stressful.” He also admitted to being worn out.

“From the move and adjusting back to the real world, I’m tired,” Marroquin explained.

In recent weeks, Javi Marroquin has been tied to his friend, a woman named "Peach," who was also once close to Lowry. However, because their relationship has not been confirmed, it's hard to say what is going on between them.

It is also hard to say what's happening in the life of Lowry as she's been linked to a couple of people, including one of her female friends, since her split from Marroquin as well.

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