Chelsea Houska has a problem. Luckily, it's not serious. According to a new tweet, the Teen Mom 2 star has been preparing for the birth of her second child and when it comes to clothing, she is already worried about a shortness in cuteness.

"Everytime I find a cute baby outfit I want to buy it in every size because they grow out of everything so fast," Houska wrote to her fans on Twitter on August 9.

Then, when a fan asked what she was having, Houska posted an emoji with its lips zipped shut.While Chelsea Houska had previously told fans she didn't yet know what she was having, the emoji seems to hint that she now knows and has decided to keep the news to herself.

Chelsea Houska is getting married and having a baby in a matter of months

Houska and her fiance, Cole DeBoer, became engaged last fall and soon, they will walk down the aisle. Although Houska never confirmed the date on which she and DeBoer would wed, she told fans on Twitter at the end of last month that she would be a pregnant bride and likely need to make alterations to her gown. She also confirmed that her wedding date had not been postponed or cancelled.

As for her due date, Chelsea Houska will be giving birth to her second child sometime in February of next year.

When Houska revealed her baby news to fans in July, she confirmed on her official website that the child would be due in February and said her oldest child, daughter Aubree, 6, was hoping the baby would be a girl.

"I’m so excited to finally be launching my website, and I felt like the perfect first post…would be to announce to everyone that baby DeBoer is expected in February 2017!" Houska wrote to fans.

"We are beyond excited for this journey and can’t wait to share it with you all! Big sister Aubree is also extremely excited and it’s no secret that she is hoping for a girl."

For more of Chelsea Houska and her preparations for baby, check out the forthcoming season of Teen Mom 2, which will likely be aired on MTV sometime later this year or early next year.

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