Chelsea Houska is under fire for at least the second time during her pregnant. Following claims that her fetal doppler device could be harmful to both her and her baby, the Teen Mom 2 star has faced allegations of endangering her unborn child yet again after sharing a photo of herself lifting what appeared to be quite a lot of weight in her downstairs gym.

As In Touch Weekly pointed out on August 31, the photo concerned Houska's fans and followers, who believed she could be harming her baby.


However, in the caption, Houska insisted she was being safe, telling her audience, “Takin it super easy… but still wanna be a fit mama! Glad my [doctor] gave the OK!”

Although Chelsea Houska received a go-ahead from her doctor, many of her followers weren't sold on the idea of her lifting such a heavy amount. One Instagram user even labeled her irresponsible. "Lifting is not [a safe] form of activity when you’re pregnant,” one naysayer wrote.


Another added, “Not smart when [pregnant]… Every one of my doctors said no more than 20 pounds and no lifting over your head.”

In Houska's photo, the amount of weight she is lifting isn't visible, but judging by the size of the plates, they are likely about 45 pounds each. That's a total of 90 pounds -- much more than the 20 pounds recommended.

Chelsea Houska will welcome baby no. 2 in February

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are going to welcome their first child together before they tie the knot.

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In July, just months before her wedding date, Houska took to her new website to reveal that she was pregnant and due to give birth in February of next year. Also in her post, the longtime reality star revealed that her oldest child, daughter Aubree, was making it clear that she preferred a little sister. Houska and DeBoer will walk down the aisle later this year. Thus far, their wedding date has not been made public.

Chelsea Houska and her family, including DeBoer, will be returning to MTV at the end of this year or early next year for the new season of Teen Mom 2.

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