Chelsea Houska is keeping close tabs on her second child, despite the fact that the child hasn't actually been born. Weeks after announcing she was expecting a baby with fiance Cole DeBoer, the Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter to reveal she's invested in a fetal doppler device.

After a fan complained that she had purchased a device in the past but wasn't convinced she could hear her unborn child's heart, Houska shared a photo of a Cobely model of the item she owns. Online, new moms can invest in a fetal doppler device just like Houska's for less than$40.

Chelsea Houska has received backlash due to her use of fetal doppler

Chelsea Houska was targeted with an online report weeks ago, which suggested the heart monitor wasn't safe. She was even accused of putting herself and her unborn child in danger. Right away, she fought back on Twitter.

"I honestly f***ing CANNOT with this crap. This whole article was made to sound like I'm harming my baby with some mysterious thing," she wrote to her fans in regard to an article shared by the Hot Moms Club. "What's it really about?

Me using a fetal heart Doppler."

Chelsea Houska and Cole Deboerhave an exciting year ahead of them

In addition to welcoming their first child together in February of next year, Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer will be tying the knot in just a few months. Although Houska has yet to confirm an official wedding date, she has suggested on multipleoccasions that her wedding will take place this fall. She was also seen preparing for the upcoming nuptials during scenes from Teen Mom 2 season seven.

As Chelsea Houska anticipates the upcoming birth of her second child, whose gender has not yet been revealed, DeBoer is dealing with the excitement of welcoming his very first child. While Houska has an older daughter, Aubree, 6, from her previous relationship with Adam Lind, DeBoer doesn't yet have children of his own.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are set to return to MTV later this year or early next year in Teen Mom 2's latest season.

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