Last season David Eason made his debut on Teen Mom 2. He and Jenelle Evans built their relationship in front of the cameras. We watched as they got to know each other and he met her mother Barbara.

Girl or boy?

According to the two have announced that they are expecting a child together. A baby girl is due on January 28th. They have decided to name her Ensley Jolie Eason.The two Teen Mom 2expectant parents are very excited and can't wait to meet her!News of the pregnancy was rumored weeks ago.

In the midst of the rumors and denials, Jenelle was involved in a traffic stop in which she told the police she was at least 10 weeks pregnant and experiencing pains. She was transported to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center for treatment. Reports say she was very upset that her pregnancy was included in an official police report.

How are the fans reacting to the news?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle says she is receiving a lot of negative feedback from fans over this most recent pregnancy. There is backlash that she will have 3 different fathers for her 3 children, some saying she should have had her tubes tied years ago.

She is very upset, saying that people disgust her and she just wants privacy. The problem is,Jenelle has put her motherhood in front of the camera for everyone to see and is offended when those that watch it have an opinion.

This isn't the first child for Jenelle or David.She has a two-year old, Kaiser, that she recently was awarded custody of. Her eldest son is Jace, a six-year old, that lives with Jenelle's mother.

They are currently involved in a custody dispute over him.David has been by Jenelle's side through quite a bit in their short relationship. They have faced her health issues as well as legal issues. He has been a consistent figure in Kaiser's life as well, though his capabilities at parenting have come in to question.

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle has a history of rough guys with legal troubles as well as legal problems of her own.

Hopefully little Ensley will help them both settle down into family life to provide the love and support all of the children deserve.

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