If you were watching Fox and Friends on Friday morning and happened to take a sip of coffee just as they aired a clip of Ted Cruz in Bad Lip Reading, then chances are you sprayed that coffee all over the place as you broke out in laughter. This has to be one of the funniest clips to pop up online in a very long time.

Elmer Fudd at his best!

Ted Cruz is talking with a voice that is similar to Elmer Fudd, the cartoon character. The Senator's wife Heidi Cruzis given a somewhat sensual, but child-like voice for her part in the clip, which also has the Cruz kids in a couple of funny scenes.

There are a few different videos for Ted Cruz fromBad Lip Reading online, which give him that same hysterical voice.

The one shown on Fox and Friends on Friday is a video that has put the bestof theseclips of Cruz together in one place, and you have to watch it.

Check out the YouTube The Best of Ted Cruz Bad Lip Readingvideo below.

Hairball infatuation...

The folks who created this video didn't just have someone talk over what Cruz is saying, it is far more elaborate than that. The words are formed to coincide with the movements that Cruz is making with his mouth at the time, so you really have to look twice to see if it is Cruz talking or if it is someone else doing the talking!

One of the scenarios in the clip have Ted and Heidi talking about Ted's love for hairballs, and while it doesn't make much sense, the two are having a serious looking conversation about Ted's infatuation and it conjures up the laughs!

Check out Ted Cruz in his Elmer Fudd-like voice talking about Donald Trump in the video below. This is the latest Bad Lip Reading video posted for Ted Cruz online.

Daddy's can of gas

In one clip from the best of Ted Cruz video, he is telling a story to his two young girls and it starts off with daddy taking a can of gas to the cabin and ends with the girls telling daddy it was against the law!

One scene has Cruz waving a very heavy American flag and the grunting he is making in the Elmer Fudd-like voice just induces a belly laugh for anyone watching.

Cruz can always fall back on comedy...

As Red State reports, after Ted's convention speech, people are saying his political career is over. If that is the case, then there's always a career in comedy, because he really is one of the funniest subjects ever seen on these type of videos! For a man who dropped out of the presidential race a while back, Cruz seems to be getting more air-time these days as the candidates still in the race.

Belly laugh enticing clip...

Bad Lip Reading has clips for almost all the popular politicians (or unpopular politicians) today. They also have videos for the popular celebrities.

As for the politicians, they have created clips for Obama, Hillary,and Trump, but by far the Ted Cruz Bad Lip Reading is the one you want to watch if you need a good laugh!

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