Taylor Swift won't be attending the MTV VMAsthis weekend and while many people speculate that her absence will be due to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian being in the crowd, the official word is that she was never scheduled to attend. Kanye West is up for several awards for the song he wrote in which he takes credit for Swift's fame.

Kanye intimidates Swift

There is a good chance Westwill perform the song Famous, which is the song that is the bone of contention between Swift and Kanye. It is a shame if the reason Swift is skipping the event is becauseWest and Kardashian are so intimidating that Swift is not comfortable sitting through another MTV VMAs.

She knows all too well how West works and what he is capable of. She was already humiliated by West a few years back at the same venue.

It was at this same video awards show thatKanye grabbed the microphone from Swift as she was accepting an award. This was six years ago and he not only left Swift with her jaw dropping, he also got the audience a bit peeved.

Who made him boss?

West went on to tell the crowd Rihanna deserved the award and not Swift. That feud died down, but it never went away. Back then West intimidated a much younger Swift with his selfish actions.

With Swift, Kardashian, and West embroiled in a more recent feud online, it's not surprising she won't be at the awards, despite being in New York Citythis weekend, according to IBTimes News.


West should be ashamed of himself for putting Swift in his scopes all these years and just leave her alone.

Then Kim Kardashian had to get in on the act. It has been suggested in the past that West has a crush on Swift and in that song Famous he mentions something about sleeping with her in the future.

Swifthas beenworking hard and trying to rise to fame, which she has been very successful at doing. She did this on her own despite West trying to take the credit for her fame.

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