Many Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fans wonder if Tammy Rivera is pregnant. In the last episode of the series, it looked like her relationship with Waka Flocka Flame was over, due to cheating allegations. 

However, the two appeared together on the Breakfast Club and talked about their relationship. Tammy Rivera is very close to Waka Flocka’s mother, and the news of their break up got them both emotional during LHHATL

In the Breakfast Club interview, Waka Flocka admitted to the infidelity rumors.


When asked why he cheated on Tammy he said that it was “a pride thing,” which suggest that he was still trying to prove to his friends that he can live the life of a young, single male. 

Waka Flocka quickly realized that he was losing Tammy and made an effort to win her back. Waka made it efforts public on social media by frequently leaving comments on Tammy's Instagram pictures, and it seemed to have worked. 

The couple seems to be going strong and Tammy is expected to return to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for Season 6.


Is Tammy Pregnant?

During the interview, they also address the pregnancy rumors. (43:00 on video) Waka made it clear that he would like to have a son, and Tammy Rivera did not rule out having another child. When asked if she is pregnant, she replied: “No, I’m not pregnant, not yet.” Tammy recently celebrated her 30th birthday, and Waka Flocka wrote a message on Instagram that would melt any girls heart. 

The caption includes “I remember when we first met I told you that I would marry you, and you laughed.

An' said boy shut up! Six years later and you’re my wife. 

"Your loyalty, love, and determination are what binds us. Words cannot express nor will people ever understand how we feel about one another. Hell, you love me more than I love myself. A true partner in life, my best friend.” 

The Radio Interview

Fans of the LHHATL are happy to see the couple back together. Tammy passionately defended Waka throughout Season 5 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta against Betty Idol who accused Waka of being transphobic.

They ended up having a physical altercation at a restaurant. 

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