What with The Walking Dead and its prequel, Fear the Walking Dead, you would think we had our fill of zombies, but just to add to the mix, the third season of Z Nation is coming back to Syfy on September 16th with a full, two-hour movie premiere.

The zombie apocalypse continues

This season will continue the story of our heroes, tasked with transporting Murphy (played by Keith Allen), the only known survivor of the zombie virus that has struck the world, across the country to the last known functioning CDC lab in the post-apocalyptic U.S.A. It is hoped that his blood can be used to create a cure, but as they travel they meet more and more human enemies.

Following the premiere, fans can look forward to a full, 15-episode season from September 23. Fans will get to see more of Murphy’s hybrid and fast-evolving baby girl in season 3 and, as reported on Blasting News, there will be lots more interesting twists and turns this season, including a rather different Murphy.

According to Enstars, there is doubt that another of our heroes, 10K, is going to return to the show. 10K is the ultimate zombie slayer, who set himself out to kill 10,000 zombies, but it seems his task might not be completed.

During the season 2 finale, 10K was shot in the stomach at Aunties and now doubt remains as to whether he actually survived. Reportedly he does star in the movie premiere but it is unknown if he will make it for the entire season. While Enstars says they have the answer, it still isn't completely clear.

While the two-hour premiere will catch viewers up on the past season with a little extra on top, the video included below,courtesy of Syfy, also gives some reminders of what happened in season 2. Warning: many scenes may upset sensitive viewers.

Move over Buffy, Van Helsing is coming to town

For those who remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer(played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) which ran up until 2003, in Van Helsing, we’re looking at an all new vampire show of epic proportions.

No, not Von Helsing, the famed vampire killer, this one is his female counterpart. This new show is set in a world following a major catastrophe, where Vampires have now taken over. This includes a mixture of the ancient vampires, mixed with a more feral breed (who have reportedly fed mainly on animals), humans are struggling to stay alive.

As reported by Dread Central, Vanessa Helsing suddenly recovers from a comain a hospital room – instantly bringing to mind TWDs hero, Rick, awakening to the zombie apocalypse. However, in Vanessa’s case it turns out she is mankind’s last hope for survival, as it turns out she has a unique blood composition.

This rare blood makes her not only immune to being turned into a vampire, but also gives her the ability to “cure” vampires, turning them back into humans. Naturally this powerful weapon makes Vanessa a prime target for vampires big and small, as she fights to save humanity.

The first season of Van Helsing premieres on September 23rd and appropriately features Kelly Overton of True Blood in the lead role. She is joined by Jonathan Scarfe (known for Hell on Wheels), Christopher Heyerdahl (also from True Blood and Hell on Wheels), Tim Guinee (Homeland), David Cubitt (Ray Donovan) and Paul Johansson (of Mad Men fame). Hear more about the upcoming new series from the stars in the video below.

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