Fans are excited for Supernatural to come back for season 12. What can viewers expect from Sam and Dean Winchester, as well as the other characters? According to a new report, expect to see Hitler resurrected. However, this man is described as being like a "psychotic Richard Simmons." Keep reading to get all the details.

What to expect from Sam and Dean Winchester

In the upcoming season of Supernatural, the brothers will be dealing with the return of their mother, Mary Winchester. As fans recall, Jensen Ackles' character remembers his mom.

However, Sam, played by Jared Padalecki, was just a baby when she died. It will bring up a lot of mixed emotions. There is something else, though. It seems that what they were told about Mary's past might not be entirely accurate.

New villains and monsters in season 12

As always, Sam and Dean Winchester will not have any shortage of enemies to fight in Supernatural. Some wonder how the writers can keep coming up with interesting storylines. While a lot of other shows fail after just a few seasons, this television show from The CW network keeps viewers engaged and waiting for more.

One interesting tidbit that was released is that Hitler will be making an appearance. However, he might come across a bit different than what you would expect. He is being described as a "psychotic Richard Simmons."

More interesting storylines in 'Supernatural'

In an interview, it was revealed that Hitler's appearance will open doors to other crazy stuff for the Winchester brothers. The report didn't say exactly what fans could look forward to, but it sounds like some big problems will arise from it.

Hitler and the brothers will battle. It is assumed that Sam and Dean will win, but what other storylines is Hitler attached to? Will this be another puzzle that will take time to solve?

What do you think will happen when Supernatural returns to The CW network with season 12? Any predictions on Hitler's appearance and what other doors it will open? Are these doors good, evil or somewhere in between?

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