The last episode ended with Kevin opening up to Mike about his prison sentence, but not quite disclosing the full details of the events. Mike and Harvey try their best to get the information they need out of Kevin on this episode of #Suits.

Louis’ lie

Louis’ attempt to get closer to his interior decorator continued to retain the role of the ‘light side’ of the narrative. He purchases a house in order to attain the services of Tara Messer and find more reasons to spend time with her. Messer however, presses to see the house even before Louis finalizes the purchase, which is why he is forced to plan an elaborate cover up with Donna to make it seem like he owned the house for generations.

Needless to say, Louis gets caught almost immediatelyand ends up having to come clean about the whole affair with Messer. Messer finds Louis’ gesture romanticand agrees to meet him for dinner.

Rachel fights

After gaining the permission to continue fighting for Daley thanks to the backing of Pearson, Specter, and Litt, Rachel attempts to build some trust with her client and dig deeper into the reasons behind his incarceration. She ends up finding some facts that do not collaborate with Daley’s story, leading to a confrontation between them.

Daley admits to details he hadn’t mentioned before, specifically about his drug use and the fact that he was high when the murder he was accused of was committed.

Rachel manages to convince Daley about the need to be honest with one another, and they reach an understanding between themselves. At the end of the episode, Rachel approaches Jessica in order to ask for her immediate assistance with Daley’s case.

When Jessica attempts to push it off, Rachel tells her that Daley has been set an execution date and that he is nearly out of time.

Mike and Harvey instigate

After understanding that there might be bad blood between Sutter and Kevin, Harvey arranges for a fake deposition in order to put the two in a room together. To make things more personal, he gets Mike to conduct the deposition under the ruse of maintaining objectivity.

Mike ends up asking all the right questions, enough to get Kevin to threaten Sutter and walk out of the room. When Mike follows up with Kevin about his reaction, Kevin ends up finally breaking down and admitting the truth about his accident.

Sutter and Kevin’s wife have been practicing insider trading in order to promote their businessand have been showing higher profits based on an algorithm that Kevin designed. Kevin finds out that his algorithm was nothing but a front and that his wife and father-in-law have been purposely manipulating him for profits. This is the reason Kevin gets into a fight with his wife and ends up causing the accident while driving drunk.

Mike sympathizes with Kevin and informs his that he can get out of prison by handing Sutter over to Cahill. Kevin has a deeply negative response to the idea, as he is still trying to protect the mother of his children from facing jail time.

Mike is left pondering the repercussions of his attempt to get out of prison on Kevin and his family.

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