After meeting Rachel during his short stint out of prison, Mike agrees to spy on Kevin Miller – his cellmate and only friend in prison, in order to get a chance at an early release. Harvey, Cahill and Mike drum up a new plan based on this development during this episode of Suits.

The lighter side

Suits has been playing out some heavy drama this season, the only let-off coming from Lewis and his new found love interest. After convincing his realtor/crush about his house in the Hamptons, Lewis employs the help of Donna to try and find the perfect house for him. Despite being annoyed at Lewis for his desperate behavior, Donna goes about being Donna and finds the perfect place to help Lewis’ love blossom.

Fighting for innocence

Rachel finds out from her professor that she cannot continue tackling Leonard Daley’s case for the ‘Innocence project’ because there is a lack of crucial new DNA evidence that is necessary in such situations. Rachel is devastated by the news and makes her way to prison to break the news to Daley. The inmate snaps at Rachel upon hearing the news and makes his disappointment abundantly clear.

Not one to back off easily, Rachel realizes that she needs more support in order to keep the case, and she tries to convince Jessica to lend the services of Pearson, Specter and Litt. Jessica refuses at first, but changes her mind by the end of the episode because she realizes that her firm has a bad reputation at the moment, and helping an innocent man get out of prison could be a win-win for both parties involved.

Prison games

Things begin to heat up inside prison for Mike as he attempts to get Kevin to open up and share his side of the story in order to provide Cahill the evidence he needs to put William Sutter away. It is revealed that Sutter is Kevin’s father-in-law and the reason Sutter approached Harvey in the previous episode to represent him is because he was aware that Mike and Kevin share a cell in prison.

Harvey goes back to Sutter and takes him up on his offer this episode after making the deal with Cahill, and even represents him well in court in order to earn his trust. He also visits Kevin in prison in order to pretend to be on Sutter’s side and earn his trust as well. Harvey is also forced to take on Frank as a client in order to help him gain parole, but ends up signing a deal with him in the end, one that ensures Mike’s safety in prison.

Unfortunately for Mike, Kevin finds out from one of his friends in the infirmary that Mike was sneaked out of prison after he was poisoned last episode. Mike tells Kevin that Harvey paid the guards to take him to a hospital but Kevin doesn’t buy the story. In order to force the point, Mike asks his councilor and the Warden for help in order to get Kevin on his side and luckily for him, they oblige. At the end of the episode, Kevin opens up to Mike about the reasons behind his arrest, saying that after a terrible fight with his wife, he got drunk and ran over a man. Mike is left confused by this, wondering what the connection to Sutter is in this scenario.

The episode ends with more questions than answers despite being jam-packed and eventful.

Do you think Mike will make his way out of jail?

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