The point of this season so far seems to revolve around testing Mike’s character and his belief in his own choices. If sending him to prison wasn’t bad enough, Mike is now being forced to choose between love and loyalty, a choice that doesn’t come easy even to a genius like him.

Tough trader tenants

After crawling their way back into the firm’s office spaces, the traders, led by Buzzini, take it upon themselves to annoy Louis for his less-than-welcoming behavior last episode. Louis, being the kind of man who gets fired up by mud baths, does not take the situation lightly, and decides to hire a new architect in order to remodel the office and create a clear division of space.

To throw a wrench in his plans, the new architect is an angel sent from the heavens, and Louis completely loses sight of his priorities as he tries his best to make an impression on his new love interest.

You don’t mess with Jessica

Picking a fight with Louis is one thing, but rubbing Jessica the wrong way can be a career-threatening decision. After Buzzini uses information given by Jessica from the previous episode to make a quick buck, the Pearson from ‘Pearson Specter Litt’ takes it upon herself to show her new tenants exactly what she is capable of.

The Innocence Project

Rachel tries to take her mind of her god-awful situation by diving deep into ‘The innocence project’. She meets the inmate featured in her case study, and after one intense conversation, she is convinced of his innocence.

She employs her years of expertise as a paralegal to quickly build a case in favor of her new client and presents it to her professor. During this period, she struggles with the idea of having to de-focus on Mike’s situation to do her job well. She finds a way to keep him in the loop but she has no idea what is in store for her at the end of the episode.

Love, Life, Loyalty

Mike is given a golden opportunity to get out of prison at the end of last week’s episode, and all he has to do is rat out his cellmate/only friend in prison. Most people would long jump onto the opportunity to get out of jail, but Mike is clearly not your ordinary convict. Harvey realizes that his former prodigy is not the kind of person who will put his own interests before others, which is why he arranges a meeting with Cahill who promises to knock some sense into the boy genius.

Unfortunately for Cahill, the meeting was only a decoy, as Harvey’s real intention was to take Mike to Rachel, the only person in his opinion who can help change Mike’s mind on the deal. The episode ends with the former fiancées meeting each other for the first time outside prison this season, a momentous occasion with enough gravitas to change Mike’s mind about turning on Kevin.

Do you think Mike will go through with the double-cross? I would love to hear your comments below.

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