TheDC Multiverse Suicide Squad 6-Inch Figures are now shipping and will be found on store shelves soon! Kids and collectors can recreate the epic mayhem and crime fighting thrills of DC Comic's "Suicide Squad"movie. All of the action figures feature over 18 points of articulation and provide true to movie detailsincluding unique outfitsand movie specific expressions. Each figure also comes with a Collect and Connect bonus piece that, when added together, creates a Killer Croc figure! There will be several waves of these figures coming out,includingJoker,Harley Quinn, Deadshot,Boomerang,Katana and Batman.

They also offer larger 12" figures for fans and collectors over 13 years old.

These larger figures have a great likeness to each character like Will Smith as Deadshot

The paint applications and articulation are very well done. You can see every single detail on each tattoo on the Joker played by Jared Leto. TheMargot Robbiefigure may be the most popular figure of the line.Both the 12" and the 6" figure look just like Margot and the detail on each part of her outfit and accessories are just amazing.

Harley Quinnhas long been a fan favorite and her figure just jumps off the pegs

Mattel always thinks of collectors and fans who want to pose and play. All of the figures have greatarticulationthat allow you to recreate your favorite scenes from the movie or invent your own fun! If you are able to track downDeadshot, Batman, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Katana and the Jokeryou canbuild the shirtless Croc Collect and Connect figure.

All of the figures range from $19.99 to $34.99 and can be found online and most major retailers starting this week.

Many people will go back on forth on the movie, but the figures are a hit and collectors and fans want them! The movie will most likely have made over $100 million by Sunday, putting it in blockbuster status for a 4 day open. Be sure to pick up this figures when you see them, you will not be disappointed.

Mattel did a great job on these.

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