DC Comics is relaunching its Suicide Squad series with a branch new issue that goes on sale August 3, 2016. Written by Rob Williams, (Judge Dredd) and with art by Jonathan Glapion and Philip Tan (variant cover by Amanda Conner,) Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 is a prolog to the relaunched series that is taking the Squad into new directions – and involves none other than Barack Obama in a key role.

President Obama and the Suicide Squad

The story follows Captain Rick Flag, a former war hero before ending up in an ultra top secret military prison.

But his years of incarceration are broken when Amanda Waller shows up to offer him a chance at redemption if he can help keep theSquadalive. Rebirth #1 also stars fan favorite Harley Quinn, Katana, and Deadshot.

But before Waller pays him a visit, it's the American president who sets the wheels in motion.

As reported in Inverse Magazine, President Obama makes an appearance in Rebirth #1 in an America where he didn't have to give up office after two terms.

In the story, he's in on the whole Squad scenario.

Inone scene, he takes issue with Amanda Waller's way of handling the violent Squad members after watching footage of Harleytakinga bite out of a prison guard's cheek. Obama emerges as the catalyst when he tells Waller she has to shut down the whole program.

New plot twists

That's where the idea of using Rick Flag, the former decorated general, as a leader for the Squad comes into play, and the move introduces nuances of moral judgment into the Suicide Squad series.

The super villains who make up the Squad are not otherwise known for considering morality, but Rick Flag is described by Waller as someone who knows right from wrong and can steer the motley group of convicted criminals in the right direction.

Wired Magazine calls it one of the top five comics to read this month. Along with Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1,

DC Comics is releasing Harley Quinn: Rebirth and Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang just in time for the release of the much anticipated live action adaptation, Suicide Squad, on August 5.

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