Now what? You might have asked yourself after watching the last episode (spoiler alert!) where the charismatic Eleven is devoured by the Demogorgon. I presume that everyone who knows about Stranger Thingshas seen Season One already. If you're reading this article that proves it that you're wanting for Season Two of ST to start. Like ASAP. If you're like me and know your stuff then throughout the series you would've had glimpses or 'flashbacks' of moving pictures and sounds very similar to Stranger Things.

For instance, when I first started watching the hit series the first thing that came to my mind was Kavinsky's Nightcall anthem. After watching few more episodes I noticed the similarities between Stephen Spielberg's ETand ST. Towards the end of Season One I've had enough materials gathered in my mind already, that relate to the new hit series.The following list is the result.

Stand by Me

Stand By Me is the movie that started the kids-hanging-out-together-and-ending-up-into-the-woods thing. The creepy thing.

It also has horror themes. Not as horrific as the Netflix series but as fantastic. If ST has Eleven Stand By Me has Chris Chambers.

Based on Stephen King's novella its all about the pain and horror of growing up. It's about the group of kids who grow up together and set out on adventures of their own. In their adult lives, they find something to talk about like finding a dead body in the woods. Too bad Netflix wasn't made in the 80's yet for the narrative to develop into many series.

It Follows

The horror flick is as unsettling as any in recent memory, and its style - and soundtrack - will make you want to watch Stranger Things over and over again. The horror lies in the sex - the plot follows a girl pursued by a supernatural entity after a sexual encounter. However, mortality is the major theme of It Follows; the existential dread in the face of death's inevitability, and how people try (and fail) to postpone death altogether.



If your life is lacking in climactic battles with nightmarish beasts, Annie's got the anthem to change all that. The perfect track for slaying a faceless monster, or moping around Berlin. If you like Tame Impala you'd like this too. If you liked Nightcall you'd like this too.

Com Truise


Stranger Things' soundtrack is synth based and this number definitely qualifies. Com Truise( no I haven't spelled Tom Cruise wrong. The artist is called Com Truise) has brought the 80's music back so it was natural to add his In Decay in the list. The synth wave will make you teleport to a different dimension where the monster Demogorgon probably lives.

Tame Impala


Let It Happen by Tame Impalais a track that you must listen to. A modern classic the tune certainly belongs to the new Stranger Things realm. It represents the sound of the new.

Play it on a long drive with your lights off on a god forbidden dark highway surrounded by the woods deep into the woods somewhere. Keep an eye out for the stranger than Stranger Things coming out from the woods though.

Midnight Special

Jeff Nichols' sci-fi thriller follows a super-powered kid on the run. It stars Kirsten Dunst (the child prodigy who found stardom by playing the little girl in The Interview with the Vampire starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

The horror of it) and Michael Shannon.

Midnight Special is the male version of Stranger Things in that that it is about a boy version of Eleven (No introduction needed. If you're reading this then you'd probably know about Eleven. If not I suggest you go and watch the whole ST Season 1).

Super 8

J.J. Abrams of the latest (and upcoming) Star Wars: The Force Awakens fame directedSuper 8which is based on all-things Steven Spielberg in 2011. It's similar to the Stranger Thingsdynamics in that that the main characters are similar to that of ST. The go out on an adventure and find themselves hunting down monsters.

The twist in the film is similar to the Netflix's original series.

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