Have you been bitten by the "Stranger Things" bug? The fever over this Netflix Original is more virulent than zika! If you devoured season one and are now panicked there will be no season two, rest easy. "Stranger Things" creators Matt and Ross Duffer assure fans of the Stephen King-esque sci-fi chiller that yes, Virginia, there will be a season two. And, they've leaked some juicy details on quixotic characters and plots. Plus, "Eleven" Millie Bobby Brown leaked a vid on her famous buzzcut!

Season Two: Even "Stranger Things"

Spoiler alert: if you've not seen season one "Stranger Things" go back and watch it, then read on. Okay, so you cheered when evil Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) was eaten or absorbed or whatever the heck it is the creature does to his victims, right? Well, hold your applause because doc Brenner is back in season two. Matt Duffer explained that one should not assume that the monster (who looks like the child of Slender Man and the man-eating plant from "Little Shop of Horrors" -- if they had one) killed the good doctor.

Duffer went on that he personally would find this a very unsatisfactory end so, being a good writer of chillers, he knew his audience would also. So that's one creep you can't rule out.

What about Barb?

Were you left angry that so little mention was made in "Stranger Things" about poor Barb's untimely end? The only person who actually seemed to care was her school friend Nancy. Barb's parents were strangely silent.

Well, fret not because Barb (played by Shannon Purser), may be dead, butRoss Dufferhints, she will get her revenge or justice or some kind of retribution. Exactly what that will entail you must of course watch and find out. Will's mom Joyce (Winona Ryder) was the squeaky wheel, but Barb has not been forgotten.

The buzz about the "Eleven" buzzcut

Miss Millie Bobby Brown plays the freakishly adorable waif savant "Eleven" (as in child number, yeah, nothing creepy about that) at the center of"Stranger Things." IMDB now lists her character as Jane "Eleven" Ives (so there's a little spoiler about her origins).

If you think her name and character are charming, wait until you see the video of Millie Bobby Brown getting her head shaved for the role. This kid has certainly got it. Hopefully child stardom will go better for her than it has forReality TV kids like Honey Boo Boo.

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