While we still don’t know a date, the good news is that season 2 of Stranger Things will officially happen in 2017. According to Entertainment Weekly, they needed more details and they contacted the Duffer Brothers for more information. This is what has been released so far to keep fans happy.

The Stranger Things story continues

The story will continue from where it left off in Hawkins, Indiana and the year will be 1984 this time. Reportedly the Duffer brothers played around with flashing forward and finally settled on the Fall of 1984, where the kids are a little older and it’s a brand new decade.

They had thought to going further forward but according to them, there is more to be told in the 1980s and things to resolve. The good news is that we are definitely going to see some old friends, including Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Joyce (Winona Ryder). However, one worrying aspect is that they don’t yet know about Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). Her topic is still sort of up in the air. Many fans had thought that maybe, when defeating the demogorgon, she had ended up in the Upside Down, but this is not yet sure. The Duffer brothers did say there will be four new characters in season 2 and a lot of new and interesting dynamics. According to a newly released teaser, there will be nine episodes inStranger Things season 2, and therefore nine titles, and apparently one of these will be “The Lost Brother.”

Season 1 of Stranger Things was modeled after a movie, and it sounds like this will also apply to season 2.

Matt Duffer mentioned that while movie sequels often get a bad rap, some of them can be good, mentioning titles like Aliens, Terminator and Temple of Doom. He admitted that the success of those sequels was due to James Cameron, because he is brilliant. Duffer said he makes each sequel feel different which is probably why they are a success.

So the Duffer brothers will be modeling season 2 after Cameron’s achievements to try and capture a bit of the magic of his work.

Stranger Things season 2 will venture outside of Hawkins, Indiana

The show will reportedly not only be based in Hawkins this time, with Matt mentioning that they will be venturing a little outside of town.

He even admitted that the opening scene of the premiere episode will not take place in Hawkins. However, we will most definitely be heading back to the Upside Down in the second season, as they wish to explore that alternate dimension more. Was there just the original Monster down there, or could there be more? Matt said while they have opened the door to the Upside Down, and it’s exciting for them to discuss, there is more work to be done and a mystery waiting to be solved. Hopefully we will finally find out what happened to dear Barb.

Stranger Things fans have been hoping for a longer season this time and their wish has been granted. The season will have one extra episode, making it a nine part series.

The story is still pretty much in the air and Matt says they are letting the story dictate itself, but they do want the same pacing as season 1. Mashable mentioned the teaser for season 2 ofStranger Things, included below, and it really is a teaser. Do all the lines of text denote the various episodes of the show? With the Duffer brothers already having mentioned “The Lost Brother,” it certainly sounds like it.

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