Andrea Tantaros has a lot of supporters and she's missed by many who watch Fox News channel. She's known for her honesty and integrity, so when Tantaros made the claims that she was sexually harassed by the head honcho at Fox News, a good majority of her fans, if not all, believed her. With that said, just as anyone else in the public eye, Tantaros has critics too.

Unnamed source has a lot to say

According to the Western Journal, plenty of paperwork goes along with any complaints filed at Fox News, just as you would find in most businesses today.

It is a culture of documenting everything said and done. An "unnamed source"claims that Tantaros is not telling the truth about reporting Roger Ailes sexually harassing her. The source is basically saying that Andrea is lying.

The unnamed source claims that while Tantaros has named other employees in complaints, the name Roger Ailes is never mentioned.Fox Newsmaintains that Tantaros was put on suspension due to her book that Fox was not given a chance to vet before she went ahead and published it.

They have problems with this book, especiallywith the way Andrea is conveyed on the cover. She is bound in ropes in a very submissive pose. This is not the way Fox wants their staff portrayed.

Demotion, suspension, and now, looming termination?

Tantaros believes that it was her complaints about Ailes that earned her that demotion from the Five at Five show in the prime dinner time news hour to her daytime spot on the show Outnumbered at noon.

From there she was suspended after making a few more complaints about Ailes, reports Tantaros. Now that she has gone public with this, it looks as though she is in jeopardy of losing her job with Fox for breaking a confidentiality clause in her contract.

The source goes on to say that thecomplaints Andrea made were about others, but not Ailes. Would Andrea really go this far if she hadn't made those previous complaints?

Would she break confidentiality with Fox if this wasn't something she could prove? That is highly unlikely.

It's all documentation these days

This brings up the fact that it is an "unnamed source" reporting that Tantaros is not telling the truth. Many find this a bit odd that this person is so adamant attempting to inform the masses that Andrea isn't being honest, but for some reason won't state their name. The Western Journal reminds their readers that there is plenty of paperwork involved in a complaint like this and both sides usually have the facts written to back them up. This is when they suggest ...

"it's put up or shut [up] time for someone - and that someone is Andrea Tantaros."

Tantaros, who is highly intelligent, has made these allegations through her lawyer, who most would surmise is also highly intelligent, especially in his field of the law. Why would they state something that wasn't true especially if evidence exists to the contrary? These are not foolish people. There are now concerns for fans of the Fox News analyst that her suspension will turn into a termination.

What is this 'unnamed source' thinking?

The article from the Western Journalis also asking if their readers are wondering if this "big brouhaha"might be something Andrea wanted, maybe as publicity around her book?

This is one book in comparison to a career she's worked at her entire adult life... it sounds highly unlikely. There are two other high-profile female Fox News employees alleging the same thing as Andrea.

Both Megyn Kelly and Greta Carlson have already reported Aile's making sexual harassing statements to them and Carlson has started a lawsuit. Instead of saying Andrea isn't reporting the truth, maybe the "unnamed source" is doing more wishful thinking because there is now three high-profile women reporting this and another 20 or so backing them up, which really doesn't sound like good odds for Fox today.

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