Last time the judges saw Steven Brundage, they kicked him out of the 'America's Got Talent' competition. But they chose to bring him back for the quarterfinalsand definitely don't regret their decision.

Brundage performed an amazing Rubik's Cube trick that can only be described as actual magic. This time, Brundage brought a giant Rubik's cube with him to make things a little more amazing.


To truly understand just how absurd this trick was, you need to watch the video below.

How on earth did he pull that off? First, he started with some simple tricks that included Mel B and Heidi Klum.

I still have no idea how he managed those, but the more impressive portion came laterin the act.

Brundage gave a cube to Howie, who shuffled it up and stopped after a little bit.

Somehow the cube, which has more than a quintillion possible combinations, exactly matched the cube that Brundage was shuffling behind his back. But things got even more ridiculous when Brundage pulled out the giant Rubik's Cube and it exactly matched the other two.

The trick was brilliant and even Simon Cowell couldn't suppress a sheepish look after it was over. The judges were forced to give a standing ovation to the man who had been kicked out of the 'America's Got Talent' competitionone round earlier.

Prior Auditions.

Steven Brundage began his 'America's Got Talent' run with an amazing performance. In his first audition, Brundage somehow managed to exactly match a Rubik's Cube mixed up by Simon Cowell with his own.

If you haven't seen his first performance yet, you can check it out below.

That kind of looks like the performance he just gave, which is probably part of the reason why the judges kicked him off 'America's Got Talent' after his second audition. But it's kind of hard to believe that anyone could kick him off after a performance like this.

How do you kick off a magician who just telepathically sent a piece of a cardinto a piece of a Rubik's Cube? I still don't know how the judges thought it would be a good idea to kick him off.

It was probably the fault of Howie Mandel, who suggested that Brundage had a lack of showmanship that would destroy his popularity with American voters.


Brundage definitely made the most of his second chance on the show. He should easily make it through thanks to a performance that wowed Americans everywhere.

Brundage might have more of a problem in the later roundswhen he needs to come up with more Rubik's Cube tricks. If he can avoid stale material, the magician has a chance to go very far into the 'America's Got Talent' competition.

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