Steve Harvey is a popular television personality. He hosts his own daytime talk show, Family Feudand Little Big Shots. He also hosted the 2015Miss Universe Pageant. Needless to say, he is well known on television today. Steve is in the news not because of any of his hosting assignments. Instead, the 59-year-old is involved in a legal dispute concerning taped performances when he wasa full-time stand-up comedian in comedy clubs dating back to 1993. Because of the seriousness of the situation, the television personality might have to appear in a Texas federal court where the case will be settled.

Steve Harvey's legal matter

Joseph Cooper was hired in 1993 to tape the comedian's performances at Harvey's Dallas club. The former videographer is holding onto about 120 hours of footage that he claims he has a right to own. Harvey disagrees and claims he hired Cooper to make videotapes forinternal use. Cooper wants to settle the matter of ownership by selling the tapes back to Harvey for $5 million. Cooper insists that Harvey should buy the tapes because there is some embarrassingmaterial that could ruin Harvey's successful career.

U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle rejected two of Cooper's claims, but she also denied Harvey's desire to dismiss the charge of a breached contract with Cooper. The judge refused to award Harvey an injunction. Therefore,this claim must be settled in court.

Steve Harvey's response

The comedian emphasized that he never signed an agreement with Cooper, and Cooper has no right to extort money from him to keep him from making the tapes public.

Judge Boyle admits the contract is vague, but a jury might have to determine whether Harvey violated the original deal with Cooper. It seems that the final decision could be in favor of either man.

A trial date will be set anytime between now and January 30, 2017. Harvey's fame and net worth will play an important part in the final decision. Attorneys for both men are working to resolve the issue before going to trial.

If that happens, then perhaps a trial will not be necessary.

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