While current Stephen King-related news is about the upcoming film adaptation of The Dark Tower and the remake of the terrifying Pennywise the Clown horror story, It, three older versions of King horror classics are coming back and will be on sale on Blu-ray in September this year. All will feature brand new, high-definition masters of the classic King tales.

Salem’s Lot and It – two terrifying mini-series

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment made the announcement on Wednesday of the upcoming release on Blu-ray of two King adaptation miniseries – namely Salem’s Lot, the vampire horror saga from back in 1979, along with the 1990 original miniseries of the terrifying clown horror story, It.

In the case of Salem’s Lot, the film tells the tale of a small American town where the residents are all turning into vampires. This will include a commentary by the miniseries’ director, Tobe Hooper.

Gizmodo reports that the second miniseries, It, is King's story about a terrifying clown who preys on children, famously played by Tim Curry and will include a commentary by one of the stars, Richard Thomas and others involved in the miniseries.

King’s Cat’s Eye story anthology

The third Stephen King adaptation release is Cat’s Eye, a full length feature film dating back to 1985 and directed by Lewis Teague, which includes three individual horror stories linked only by an iconic cat. One tale is Quitters, Inc., a story anyone trying to give up smoking will immediately identify with.

The Ledge tells the tale of Johnny Norris (played Robert Hays), who is illicitly involved with the wife of a crime boss, who tells him he will give his wife her freedom if Norris walks around the ledge of his high-rise penthouse. The third story in the anthology is General, which tells the tale of a young girl, played by Drew Barrymore, who adopts a street cat.

When her mother won’t allow the cat to stay inside their home, saying he is a threat to the family’s parakeet, her pet is put out on the street. In the process, the cat, named General, is unable to protect her from a nasty troll who then invades the home, killing the parakeet and threatening the young girl.

All three of these classic Stephen King adaptations will be available on Blu-ray from on September 20 this year.

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