Stephen King himself loved Stranger Things and it turns out there is some irony involved in that particular show. Matt and Ross Duffer, the writers, directors and producers of Stranger Things, recently confessed something to The Hollywood Reporter. It turns out the talented twins wanted the opportunity to direct the It reboot as a feature film, but were turned down. Matt Duffer said that’s why they decided to do Stranger Things instead, out of the sheer disappointment of being turned down by Warner Brothers.

That decision certainly paid off and the fact that the Netflix series took so much inspiration from King himself certainly didn’t hurt at all.

Stranger Things and the film adaptation of Stephen King's It

Now in turn, Dan Lin – producer of the It adaptation – has likened that project to the recent Duffer Brothers 8 episode Netflix series. Lin says that Stranger Things will quite likely influence the new big screen version of the terrifying clown story. In an interview with Collider Lin said he thinks a great analogy for the film’s tone is actually Stranger Things, adding that it is also a homage to 80s Movies, whether classic King or Spielberg.

Lin also referred to the 30-year-old movie adaptation of a King story, Stand By Me, which related to bonding among kids, but said that Pennywise the Clown is a far more scary element in It. However, in Stranger Things, the story also involved a bunch of pre-teen friends who experience a loss, only to find out that a scary supernatural being is preying on the people of their town. Instead of a terrifying clown, their monster is a being from an alternate dimension.

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Clown in the Stephen King movie remake

The It remake also involves kids, firstly as what is dubbed the “Loser’s Club” and also as they become adults, affected by the same terrifying Pennywise the Clown.

In the original 1990s TV mini-series, Tim Curry played an unforgettable Pennywise, but in the upcoming movie, Bill Skarsgard will be taking over the position. According to Lin, Skarsgard was cast after he completely freaked them all out at his audition. Lin also said that the youngsters playing the “Loser’s Club” will have a great dynamic too.

The new adaptation of Stephen King’s It will be in U.S. theaters in September 2017. As for Stranger Things, there will, reportedly, be a second season on Netflix.

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