CBS Television group celebrated 50 years of the cult TV series 'Star Trek' on Saturday at Comic-Con festival - a festival dedicated to science fiction, video games and comic books. On this occasion, the new spaceship called Discovery was presented.

The famous science fiction show -- which casting for the upcoming season will start in September -- was renamed 'Star Trek Discovery'.

A 76 seconds intro with a spaceship that has landed inside an asteroid was broadcasted to the enjoyment of the fans of the science fiction show.

Bryan Fuller, one of the creators Star Trek Discovery said they will present the stories in a different way. He stated that the new stories will have the amplitude of a novel.

The new season of the show to be launched in January next year

The filming of the new season for the show will begin in September in Toronto, Canada. The show is going to be seen on the small screen in January next year. The American online gaming platform Netflix announced that they will release 'Star Trek Discovery' in 188 countries.

David Semel will direct and produce the first episode of the series. The creators of the show are Bryan Fuller and series Alex Kurtzman, according to

Some famous actors from Star Trekwere present at the meeting with the audience at Comic-Con, including William Shatner, Captain Kirk's first interpreter of the TV series, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan and Brent Spiner.

A lesson for politicians

Fuller said at this meeting that politicians could learn from thebecause this is the future for all of us all.

A phenomenon since its launch

The first series, consisting of three seasons, was released in 1966 and aired on NBC. It became a phenomenon in the period from 1966 to 1980. The Original Series is the story of a crew from the spaceship USS Enterprise who travels aboard through space to explore new worlds.

Actors like Leonard Nimoy who played Spock -- a half-Vulcan and half-human officer -- or William Shatner, who played captain James T. Kirk became famous because of this show.

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