The magic of mythical ocean dwellers will soon brighten up the silver screen as Disney moves forward with a remake of one of its greatest hits. The studio hopes to deliver a classic fable to new, younger audiences because it casts channing tatum and Jillian Bell in a retelling of the Splash tale, but with a twist.

Walt Disney Studios and Ron Howard are coming together to recreate one of their past glories. They work together to reboot the 1984 Tom Hanks/Daryl Hannah hit, Splash. The reimagining of the hit will bring Tatumon board as a co-producer in addition to his leading merman role.

Reid Carolin and Peter Kieran also will share producing responsibilities while Anna Culp (The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons) will oversee the Splash reboot as executive producer.

Role Reversal Will Help Tatum and Bell Make A Bigger Splash

In the original 1984 version of Splash, the character played by Tom Hanks was saved from drowning by a mermaid, who, years later, returns to offer the adult Allen Bauer the choice to continue his human existence or return with her to the ocean where he will live out his life as a merman.

In the updated version to be produced by Disney, it has already been revealed that the Splash reboot will employ a slight gender swap.

Tatum will play the mythical sea being Bell has been cast in the role previously played by Hanks. It’s unknown at this early stage if the Splash reboot will follow the rest of the story as told in 1984, or if the planned revision will change the story in other ways.

Previously, the actor made an impact with audiences with his role in Hail, Caesar!

Marja-Lewis Ryan is penning the new Splash script. Previously, Ryan has written The Four-Faced Liar, released in 2010 and is writing the pilot for an upcoming HBO series, Unsupervised.

Channing and Bell may work well together because they have previously teamed up on the 21 Jump Street reboot as well.

Upcoming projects for Tatum includesKingsman: The Golden Circle while Bell is also working on Office Christmas Party and Fist Fight.

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