Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell was carried off stage in what appears to have been a medical emergency while performing at the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival in Illinois over the weekend.

Smash Mouth singer suffers medical emergency

The once popular 90s band Smash Mouth who, over the years have gone from performing at mainstream arenas to now playing small town festivals had quite a scare over the weekend. The band took the stage in Urbana performing the first half of their scheduled set when Steve Harnell reportedly sat down during the show and began to call the band's roadies in his direction for assistance.

Singer carried from stage!

Members of the band's crew picked up Harwell and carried him from the stage while the band continued on performing their most recent hit song from the movie soundtrack of "Shrek," (yes it has been a long while since Smash Mouth had their last hit) "I'm a Believer." Harwell last made media headlines in June of 2015 while performing at the Taste of Fort Collins Food Festival in Colorado after the singer stopped mid-performance to embark on a three-minute rant directed at the audience.

The singer began making threatening comments and gestures towards the audience after he was hit in the face by a piece of bread that was thrown in his direction while performing. Harwell later apologized for his rant and behavior during an interview with Herald-Mail.

Unfortunately for Harwell, his apology was dismissed by most fans who made a running joke out of the singer's angry rant session. Despite Harwell's sudden removal from the stage the band played on to end the show with their biggest hit "All Star." One festival goer stated that it was not until then that anyone noticed that ambulances had arrived on the scene to treat Harwell.

What happened to Steve Harwell?

Some serious festival goer speculation began soon after with many believing that one of two reasons stood behind Steve Harwell's abrupt stage removal, one suggests that the singer was intoxicated in some form, while others believed that the out of shape 90s singer may have suffered a serious medical emergency such as a heart attack.

Hopefully it was nothing more serious than a case of dehydration, the excessively hot temperature and high humidity levels in the Mid-West have been taking their toll on all.

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