Anyone who has watched the perils of the Sister Wives from the very first season knows that some of the reports floating around online can't possibly be true, like the suggestion that Kody Brown has had it with the reality show and wanted out! Take a good look at the patriarch of the Sister Wives, is he a hard worker? What does he actually do for work and what does he actually do for chores around the several houses that his sister wives live in?


Can you remember the last time you've seen Kody Brown do manual labor? 

Kody do manual labor?

According to the Parent Herald, Kody is tired of the "limelight" and wants out. That is really hard to believe because Kody has depended on what he makes from this show to not only support his family but to also put some luxuries around him, like that sports car for the father of 17 kids.

That should come in handy on a road trip for this large brood! It could be that Kody wants to take on more wives, if you are a fan of the show from the beginning, then you remember the underhanded way he courted Robin before telling the three sister wives at home. Still, after a trying time, he was able to reel the wives back in, and life went on with four wives instead of three!


Wives take care of him like he is a teenager...

Kody Brown has it made; there is always someone to take care of this man who seems to be still going through puberty. His immature ways were very evident with the giddy way he lusted after Robyn when she first came into the household as another sister wife.

He seemed to gravitate to Robyn, who was someone new in the mix, and this brought on a slew of jealousy from his old wives. As far as Kody wanting the show to end... have you ever seen him avoid answering the question of just what he does for a living?

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What kind of job does Kody do?

As Bustle reports, "it's been implied" that he had something to do with online advertising before he got his reality show. He has been "vague" about what he actually does for a living since Sister Wives began in 2010. It appears being a star in his own reality series is his job now. Does he cut the lawn, wash the cars or trim the hedges? When was the last time you saw this man-child pick up a rake, hose or push a lawnmower?

Reality shows Brown's saving grace

Before Kody was able to shop his idea of this Sister Wives reality show around, the Brown family filed bankruptcy. Both Meri and Kody Brown did this as a married couple. They were the only legally married couple out of the clan at the time.

Kody has since divorced Meri to wed Robyn, but that was so he could adopt Robyn's kids. The amount of debt owed has been reported between $200,000 and 250,000 from car loans, home loans, and various credit cards, according to a few archived articles online, including one from The Inquisitr.

Rebel, ladies rebel... 

The recent reports that the Sister Wives are rebelling against Kody might have some folks saying it's about time, but if you watch how they treat this man, you couldn't imagine this happening.


These women idolize Kody Brown! If they are rebelling, it might be because the reports that he is looking to add more wives are true. That would constitute an uprising by his wives because they've been that route already. They went through a very tough time when Robyn came on board, and although she seems to be a welcome family member today, that might not have always been the case.

New wives... more jealousy

That giddy teenager in routine love Kody demonstrated with Robyn as his newlywed bride took a toll on Meri, Janelle, and Christine.


She was a pretty young woman, and although the sister wives agreed to have Kody take Robyn on as another wife, there appeared to be times at the beginning of her joining the family that they regretted it. So it could be that Kody is looking for some young new wives, as the latest reports suggest. As far as doing away with his reality show... that would mean Kody would have to work, and the chances are that's not going to happen! 

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