Niall Horan is horrified by the shocking behavior of some One Direction fans, while they are with him in public. According to the "Hollywood Life" website, the One Direction singer was terrified when he realized that a fan, who had traveled next to him during a full flight connecting London to Chicago, decided to take a picture of her idol, while he was sleeping and without his consent. Through his official “Twitter”, Niall assured that this attitude was "unreal" and that, not even when he is sleeping on an airplane does he have the respect of his devoted fans.

Wants his privacy respected

Considered one of the friendliest members of the British famous group, Niall Horan has shown lately that certain fan behaviors have already passed all the acceptable limits, which ends up harming his well-being.

Through his social networks, Niall left a clear message to all the fans who might meet him in the future: they need to respect his will and, above all, his value of privacy.

Troubled flight

"Hollywood Life" website reports that, allegedly Niall Horan even had a long friendly conversation with the supposed fan during the 9-hour-flight, however, at one point, the One Direction´s singer refused to take a selfie with her, explaining his position calmly. Yet, completely disrespecting his will, the fan waited for Niall Horan to fall asleep to take the photo while they both were next to each other.

After the photo was published online, the Irish singer quickly showed his terror and rage about the outrageous situation on his “Twitter”, classifying the act as “unreal” and demonstrative of the nightmare that he sometimes lives whenin a public situation.

"Lollapalooza" music festival

Precisely on Twitter, many "directioners" have already condemned the creepy behavior of the fan, ensuring that those attitudes don´t represent how One Direction´s "fan base" should act when they are with their idols.

As a strong response, many supporters showed some love and respect for Niall Horan, who had flown from London to Chicago to attend the famous "Lollapalooza" music festival and have some fun during his hiatus from One Direction.

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