What can Sharon Osbourne possibly say about Ozzy's mistress coming out and detailing her 4-year affair with the rocker she's been married to for 34 years? Most women would find a place to hide until it blew over a bit, but Sharon is strong and she's facing this head-on with the help of her co-hosts on The Talk.

Sharon Osbourne embarrassed

Ozzy recently revealed he had a Sex Addiction, which came on the heels of his former mistress sharing the intimate details of their relationship, or at least the way she saw those details, with the media.

Sharon appeared on The Talk Wednesday, a place she calls home weekdays, and she admitted that this was all somewhat embarrassing.

Tears came as she talked 34 years of marriage

She tried to hold back the tears while saying this is so far along in the couple's marriage for this to be happening. After 34 years of being together you would think that it is a quieting down time.

She also said that with alcohol and drugs as an addiction, this is somehow easier to talk about. Sex addiction is really an embarrassing subject for her to delve into because it is happening in her family.

Her co-hosts assured Sharon that Ozzy's problems were no reflection on her and that she has absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. You can see the clip below of Sharon on The Talksharing this.

Despite heartache, she's proud of Ozzy

She said she was actually proud that Ozzy has finally admitted that he has this addiction, which Sharon said had been going on for 6 years. She said that her husband has been getting outpatient counseling for the last three months, then he goes on tour with Black Sabbath.

When the tour is done, he will be treated at an in-patient facility for this addiction.

Tap Tiger Woods for advice?

She said Ozzy is really working at this, so she has to give him credit there. Sharon said talking about her husband having a sex addiction is hard for her, but it is hard on the whole family because of the embarrassment that goes along with this. Before requesting that The Talk cast move onto something else, she was able to compose herself and add a bit of humor.

Sharon said "I think he should call Tiger Woods for some advice," reports E Online.

That could have been her way of reminding people it is a real addiction and that it has happened to others. Sometimes by normalizing something like this, it helps when it comes to dealing with it. The affair which was thought to have split Sharon and Ozzy up in May has come back to bite Ozzy in a big way.

Pugh claims Ozzy as her one true love

Michelle Pugh, the hairdresser who had the affair with Ozzy for 4 years, gave an interview to People Magazine. She made this affair sound as if both she and Ozzy had found their soulmates. She offered up details and went as far as saying Ozzy felt as much for her as she did for him.

Ozzy begs to differ with Pugh and he sent out his own statement in the form of an apology.

He said he was sorry if Michelle took the sex they shared as anything other than that. He basically said he had an itch and she was there to scratch it.Pugh on the other hand confesses she is still in love with Ozzy and somehow she believes he too feels the same about her. Again, Ozzy made it clear that Michelle was nothing more than a means to a roll in the hay. Is there a fatal attraction brewing here?

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