We all know Shannen Doherty as a member of the cast of 'Charmed' and 'Beverly Hills, 90210.' Now we are seeing her fight breast cancer. She hasn't spoken a lot about her illnessuntil a rare interview recently, where she opened up about her struggle.

Shannen Doherty had a mastectomy

In May the 45-year-oldMemphis native had to undergo a mastectomy of her right breast. Looking back, she realized that her dog had sensed something was wrong in that area. Her beloved Bowie would sniff her right breast repeatedly.

Last year when her diagnosis was given,She had expected something but didn't realize at the time that Bowie had detected the cancer early on.

According to Inqisitr, as she faces this battle Shannen Doherty has her family and friends around her as well as Bowie. In Charmed' actress Holly Marie Combs was her on-screen sister. She has been a close friend to Doherty through the diagnosis and treatments so far. Also, Jason Priestly, who was her on-screen twin in "Beverly Hills, 90210" has said that she is a fighter and he is sending his positive vibes her way.

What treatment is she facing?

Shannen Doherty recently released photos of shaving her head. She was preparing for the eight upcomingchemotherapy treatments followed by radiation. The photos show the strength and determination she is filled with as she fights this battle. So far she has undergone threechemo treatments. Unfortunately, the doctors have found that the cancer has spread to her lymphnodes as well.

She has an uphill battle for sure.

In the recent interview, Doherty was very humble and honest as she revealed the struggle she is living. She recounted a time when she was speaking with her husband, Kurt Iswarienko, regarding a possible prognosis. She told him that she would probably be dead in five years. He was very upset by the comment and has "remained her rock" through the diagnosis and treatments so far.

We wish Shannen Doherty good heath as she continues this battle. She has the support of many fans andcancer survivors as well as her family and friends.

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